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Shop with Scrip is a gift card program that allows you to donate money to SHS while shopping/dining/vacationing at the places you love!

Buy SCRIP at your convenience

You can purchase scrip from home or your cell phone at

1.      Log on and enroll using Sacred Heart’s code: C22AF416194.

2.     Sign up for “PrestoPay” ($.15 charge per transaction)

3.     SHOP! (using 1 of the 3 delivery options)


Visit to see the full list of participating vendors.

Shop online using enrollment code:  C22AFC416194

Gift cards come in three forms: plastic gift cards, ScripNow!, and Reload, which can be reloaded on to existing cards or picked up in the Scrip Office), and ecards (which can be printed from any computer).

Payment can be made directly to Great Lakes SCRIP Company.

PrestoPay is the easiest way to pay online for your scrip orders at ...

*Please note that it takes approximately 72 hours to go through the (ONE TIME) Presto Pay set up. You will be required to enter your checking routing and account number. Presto Pay will then make two small deposits into your checking account. They’ll email you a link to verify the deposits and once the deposits are verified you’ll be given a 4 digit enrollment code to provide to your scrip coordinator ( Once, the coordinator has entered your enrollment code you will be good to go! You only have to enroll once and then you can have your ScripNow eCards available immediately – no need to wait on the scrip coordinator.

ScripNow Ordering

ScripNow! orders can be delivered to your email immediately (if you have set up a Presto Pay account) .

Here is an example of how ScripNow! with Presto Pay would work. Mama White sees that Lands End is having a 30% off sale on uniforms and decides it is time to order for next year. She logs onto her scrip account and orders 2 $100 Land’s End ScripNow eCards. Her checking account is immediately charged $200 dollars. She checks her email and finds the eCards ready to be downloaded. She logs onto, orders her school uniforms, and pays by entering her eCard number. She is pleased to know that SHS has earned $32 (16%) from her back to school shopping!

Reload Gift Cards for Your Favorite Stores

Skip shipping, get scrip faster, and do some good for the planet by reloading gift cards.  Reloading is a time-saving option that allows you to add funds to gift cards you’ve already purchased through ShopWithScrip.  You don’t need to wait for new gift cards to ship, and you can use Reload to order exactly what you need!   When you pay for your order with PrestoPay, funds will be added to your card in minutes, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.   This works great with Starbucks cards!


Plastic Gift Card Ordering

Although you can order on throughout the week, the scrip coordinator will order the cards ONLY once a week.  The cards will be available for pickup in the office or sent home with your eldest child (whichever you prefer) on or Friday of the week of the order.

Here is an example of how this will work if paying with PrestoPay. Mama Smith knows that Teenager Smith’s birthday is coming up in May and he has wanted to try Buffalo Wild Wings. On April 4th, she goes online and orders 4 $25 Buffalo Wild Wings gift cards (for a total of $100) and $100 is immediately debited from her checking account.  On Monday, the scrip coordinator submits Mama Smith’s, Mama Jones’, and Papa Green’s scrip card orders. During the week the scrip cards arrive at SHS and Child Smith takes the gift cards home in a sealed envelope.  The Smith family enjoys a meal at Buffalo Wild Wings and are happy to know that SHS received $8 (8% of the $100) from their night out!

On Hand Scrip Order form. Click here to view or print.

Special Order Scrip Form. Click here to view or print.