Preschool Philosophy


We believe that we have a responsibility to provide the best educational program for your children.

We believe that each child should have a successful experience in preschool.  Children should learn at their own pace and be encouraged at all times.  They should be in a developmental environment with appropriate curriculum for their ages.

We believe that should be exposed to large and small motor, cognitive, social, emotional, Christian and intellectual skills.  Teachers working in partnership with parents provide experiences that meet a child’s needs, builds self-esteem, and stimulates learning.

We believe preschool should have a qualified staff in a loving and safe environment for the children.  Your child’s experience at preschool should provide a taste of excitement and joy of learning.  We want the children to leave preschool with pride in the work they accomplish.  And a mutual respect, not only in themselves, but others as well in a loving and supportive environment.

Sacred Heart Preschool Director and Staff