Preschool October Newsletter

October Newsletter

Theme: Take Good Care of Myself

Religion: Mary, Mother of Jesus, Rosary


September went by so fast. The children and teachers had a great month. They are doing well. Center time has started and the children are enjoying all the activities. We are introducing listening skills, selfhelp skills, feeling safe with us, following directions in a group of peers and being kind to our neighbors as well as appropriate academics for their ages. The children had many positive experiences last month. Remember to look on our bulletin board each day to see what the children are doing. When picking up your child, ask them how their day went and what they did in school. This helps with communication skills, sequencing, and memory.

We want to make preschool a positive experience for your child. Be sure to give them lots of hugs and encouragement at home, just as we do while they are at preschool. A child needs to feel loved and important at preschool also. We build self-esteem and self-help skills. This month we will begin introducing curriculum for all ages. This includes pre-k / t-k Academics to children that are age appropriate. Only the children who are eligible (age wise) to enter Kindergarten in the fall will be assessed. Reminder: in order to participate in all of the other Kindergarten activities, fashion show, portfolios, graduation, and mass, your child must be going on to kindergarten in the fall. Please refer to the handbook for more explanation if needed.

Friday’s Children school Mass:

Starting in October Miss Theresa & Miss Jennifer’s classes will be attending Sacred Heart School children’s mass on Fridays. They will be going with the teachers and a buddy (5″, 6″ 7″ grade). The calendar will tell you which class is going on which day. Please make sure children are on time, especial because they will be eating breakfast earlier to be on time for mass at 9:00am.

Safety reminders:

*Do not park in front of the yellow gates or fire hydrant. Make sure the cross walk is cleared for students to use. Do not leave your car running with or without children inside. It gets very busy around here so we need to follow safety rules for everyone involved. Thank you

*Please make sure that when dropping off and picking up children you close the gate behind you.

*When signing in/out make sure you write the time in and out and sign your name. Make sure you are signing in the right spot. We have a few duplicate last names.

*if it’s your child’s birthday and you would like to bring something for the children, it must go through the teachers or myself. NO SWEETS (cupcakes, cakes, fruit punch etc.) These are a few examples that might help: muffins, Jell-O squares with whip cream, sliced fruit, string cheese, small packs of crackers, or veggies with dip NO NUTS of any sort. We encourage the children to donate a book for the library with their picture inside. The teacher will read the book that day and then the book is left for your child’s classroom.

*Please bring and extra set of clothes in a Ziploc baggie in case of “accidents”. Please make sure blankets, pillows, sweaters and jackets have names on them. Most children don’t remember which one is theirs and we do get duplicates,

*Take a few minutes to check your child’s cubby, and file box. Check for wet clothes or blankets to take home.

*Remember to refer to the handbook regarding when a child should not come to school with an illness,

*Share Time:

Starting this month is share time. This activity is implemented in our program for encouraging

communication skills. The importance of respecting others by listening, and asking questions (who what, where, why, and how) at the appropriate times. This will build self-esteem in the children that are sharing and encourage others to ask questions out loud in front of peers. We will have a basket with your child’s teachers name on it. Make sure the child’s share item (1) has their name on it and put it in basket. When you pick up make sure item goes home. Please refer to attached list.

* Name Tags:

When the children enter the preschool there will be name tags on the table. Children should find their name and place their name under their picture, which will be located in the classroom, it will soon become a routine for them. This is great practice for them to identify their name and picture as well as the names and pictures of their classmates. 数

*Halloween Parties:

We will behaving parties on Oct 27″ & 31. The children are encouraged to wear orange and black colors. DO NOT send children to school in costumes (it may scare children). if you would like to bring treats to your child’s party, please be sure that it will fit into the children’s Halloween bag (the size of a lunch bag). They will not be allowed to open or eat it until the baggoes home. Then parents can check the treats because of many allergies. There will be no share on party days. We will try and get pumpkins donated again this year. if a parent would like to help in the classroom, please check with your child’s teacher. We can only allow one parent per classroom because of limited space.


Our Cookie dough, candy bar and Olive oil fundraiser will be in November. More info at a later date.

Thank you all for your support and dedication to our preschool.

God Bless You,

Miss Debbie