Mrs. Elda Medeiros

“Proclaim the gospel at all times, if necessary use words.” Saint Francis of Assisi

I am the Sixth Grade homeroom teacher at Sacred Heart School. I am a graduate of this school and the mother of six children who also graduated from Sacred Heart. I have been teaching at Sacred Heart for twenty-five years, first as a parent volunteer and part-time music teacher, then as a classroom teacher. I received my degree from Stanislaus State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies with a single subject emphasis in English and a Cross Cultural Language and Academic Development Emphasis. During the 2015-2016 school year, students will grow in the knowledge of the Catholic faith, acquire reading comprehension skills, study events of the past to make connections with the present, and become more effective communicators through writing and speaking. Sixth Grade will publish a book with some of the writings created throughout the year. This year I will be working with Sixth through Eighth Grade students to put together two newspapers: one that will be published in December and another published in May 2016. I hope to instill in students a love for learning, the ability to recognize the importance of owning their learning, and the confidence that through hard work anything is possible. Teaching at Sacred Heart has been a privilege with supportive parents, enthusiastic students, and a faith environment that allows me to grow spiritually.

Modeling Christ in our daily lives is emphasized throughout each day. Through daily prayer, Friday Mass attendance, and infusion of our Catholic faith in all curriculum taught, students understand the importance of their vocation. The Student Learning Expectations clearly help students understand that this commitment to doing their best prepares them as responsible citizens now and in the future. Through classwork and homework, students are able to develop organization, excellent study habits, conflict resolution skills, and the importance of cooperation and dedication to doing their best work.

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