Mrs. Angela Roe

5th Grade Rocks!!!!

“The amazing friends I have: I didn’t “find” them; I certainly don’t deserve them; but I do have them. And there is only one feasible reason: because my friends are God’s gift to me in proof of His love for me, His friendship.” – From Made For Love, Loved By God

Welcome to 5th grade. I am pleased you found your way to my teacher page. I am Angela Roe and am the 5th grade teacher. I have been teaching in the Stockton Diocese for 16 years and teaching at Sacred Heart School for 13 of those years. I have been married for 16 years and have two children, Gianna and Dalton. My children attend Sacred Heart School, and my oldest son just graduated. I am also an alum of Sacred Heart School, and came back to teach because I love this school. I completed my BA in Social Science at Chapman University, Credentials and Master Degree in Education through University of Phoenix. I decided to go back to school and received two more Master degrees; Masters in Curriculum and Instruction and Masters in Administration and Supervision. Not only do I love to teach, I also love to learn. In the last three years I have started two very successful programs to enhance the educational experience at Sacred Heart School, the K-8 book club and STEM club. Information on my classroom, book club, and STEM club can be viewed by clicking on the embedded links below. Be sure to send me an email letting me know what you think and if you like more information.
Thank you,
Angela Roe

I would like to welcome you to the 5th grade family. The class uses a few websites and technology to enhance the student’s learning. These websites also help keep communication with parents clear:
Our class website where students help to edit and collect useful information can be accessed at

“Nothing is Impossible for the word itself says I’m Possible.” – Audrey Hepburn

  • 5th Grade Goals and Benchmarks
    Benchmarks and goals are the applications without a significant amount of assistance 0f materials taught by the student.
    By the end of 5th grade your child will need to be able to….
  • Nicene Creed, Mysteries of the Rosary, Timeline of the Catholic Faith in regards to prophets, Bible Scripture, Liturgical Seasons
    Language Arts
  • Paragraph, essay and research writing including steps from brain storming to final drafts, self-editing (determine errors, be able to fix them, and explain why), parts of speech (nouns, pronouns, verbs, prepositions, and adjectives), vocabulary definitions including affixes and roots, and write all answers to questions in complete sentences.
  • Math facts, adding/subtracting/multiplying/dividing of fraction, adding/subtracting/multiplying/dividing of decimals, adding/subtracting/multiplying/dividing of percents, finding a variable, comparing values of decimals, fractions, and percents, analysis of charts and data, and using previous goals in word problems.
    Time Management
  • Organize time and assignments to ensure on time completion, use class time wisely, use of notes and examples to assist in questions before asking myself or parents, plan out research and essays into multiple days and self-check.
    Study Skills
  • Memorize spellings of vocabulary words and definitions, review materials and concepts daily to ensure retention and avoid “cramming” for tests the night before.
    …and will be ready for middle school.

We are on the same team, and want your children to succeed in 5th grade and in life. Please join me in helping your children be independent learners.