Mr. Tom Oakley

Hi! My name is Tom Oakley.  I teach Classroom Music, Computers, Choir, Band, and Drama at Sacred Heart School.  I’ve been a band director at Roberts Ferry School for 10 years and I’ve been teaching here at Sacred Heart for 7 years.

I feel very blessed to be teaching here at Sacred Heart School.  I’ve been a musician for as long as I can remember.  I’ve always wanted to write music and teach others to play and love music as well.

A little about me:  I am one of 8 brothers and sisters in my family.  I have a half brother and half sister on my mother’s side and I have a half sister and a late half brother on my dad’s side.  Then, there’s my older brother and sister…  and my identical twin, Tim.  We moved around a lot growing up, especially after my dad passed away when I was 12.  I ended up attended 5 different high schools (in 5 years), and eventually graduated from Pitman High School as part of the first graduating class.  Being the first class to go to Pitman, I was able to pioneer many different clubs, including the Key Club, Drama Club,  the International Thespian Society, ASB, and others.  I was also heavily involved in Band and Choir while I was there and I composed the music for the school’s Alma Mater.

For college, I attended San Joaquin Delta College and the University of the Pacific in Stockton as a Music Composition Major.  There I had many opportunities to compose music for concert bands, orchestras, and a few indie rock bands.  Since then, I’ve conducted and played piano and saxophone in various groups including the Hilmar Community Band, Trandwinds Dance Band, Hughson Barn Band, Ingrams Big Band, Ernie Bucio’s Little Big Band, and the Gottchalk Music Center Concert Band; in which we performed in many locations including the Naumberg Bandshell in New York’s Central Park (where John Philip Sousa used to conduct his Marching Band) and, of course, Carnegie Hall (with a lot of practice).   I’ve also had the opportunity to perform with a few popular bands including Tower of Power, The Temptations Review, Grandaddy, and Smashmouth.

I’ve been involved with musical theater since I was in junior high school.  I was a cast member of the Youth Entertainment Stage Company for 6 years and have run auditions and music workshops with them since.  I’ve also been the music director for a few musicals including, “Fame” (at the Denair Gaslight theater), “Grease” (Turlock High School), “9 to 5” (THS),  “Aladdin” (Dutcher Middle School), “In The Heights” (THS), and “The Music Man” (Ceres High School).

In addition to loving music, I am also passionate about technology.  My father was a senior software engineer for a company in the Bay Area called Vitacom, where he used to write programs for computers.  At a very early age, he started teaching us children how to write code in C++ and how to design websites.  That’s where my interest in computers originated.  Over the years, I’ve developed about 5 iphone apps (not hugely successful), helped work on apps and websites for businesses including the Stockton Thunder, Backstage Academy of Dance, and Hungry International Network.  I also really enjoy photography.  I like to use computer programs to manipulate photographs, but I also enjoy shooting 35mm film and developing it myself in my makeshift darkroom at home.   For more information about the computer lab program at Sacred Heart School,

I live in Turlock with my wife Jessica, son Charlie, and dog Buster.

If you have any questions, please email me at

sh tom oakley