Family Obligations


Each family is required to purchase the equivalent of $225.00 profit to the school from the SCRIP Program (June 1st-May 31st) or pay $225.00 to the school.  After the required $225.00 profit is attained, any profit thereafter will be split 50/50 with the family and school.  This rebate will be applied to the following year’s tuition. Please click these links to order Scrip.

Scrip On Hand Order Form

Special Order Scrip Form

Thrift Shop

The Sacred Heart Thrift Shop provides affordability of tuition for many families attending Sacred Heart School. Ten (10) must be earned, each point is valued at $20.00.

Parent Participation Policy

Fifty (50) participation point hours must be earned each year, with a value of $24.00 per point hour or a buyout of $1,200.00 prior to May 31st.  Points are earned as follows: 30 points for participation, 20 points for active fundraising.