Every student’s education at Sacred Heart School is a three way partnership between the parents, school and students. This partnership is critical to the overall success of our students. We all have a stake in assuring that our students are prepared for high school which, in turn, will lead them to the college of their choice.  We strive to educate the whole child, and our curriculum supports this ideal.

Student Learning Expectations-Sle’s

Religion: Sacred Heart School is an important ministry of Sacred Heart Church.  The Church supports the School’s Mission Statement to deepen one’s relationship with Christ and to educate students to become well-rounded young adults whose responses to life are based on Catholic truth and values.  It is the role of the Church and School to provide a strong sacrament base for all students.  Religious instruction forms the basis of the total development of the student.  All students are required to participate in all religion classes, liturgical preparations and church services.  First Reconciliation and First Eucharist take place in Second Grade.  Confirmation is a two year program, beginning in Seventh grade.

The religion curriculum also includeds Catholic doctrine and tradition, Bible study, Prayer, Moral Teachings, Church History, Social Justice, and the Family Life.  Masses are held every Friday with each grade preparing the Liturgy for the entire school community.

Language:  English, Reading, Spelling, Phonics, Oral Communication, Appreciation of Literature and Writing provide the basic tools for gaining knowledge and understanding of the spiritual, educational, social and vocational experiences of life.  These skills are correlated with all other subjects.

Math:  Our Math program is designed to help each student learn the basic mathematical structures, language and principals in order to develop skills in computation, use of vocabulary and symbols, reading and interpreting data, measuring and solving problems.

Science and Health:  The Science program gives students an understanding of the basic truths of nature and man’s relationship to them.  Health imparts to the students an understanding of the importance of physical well-being.  Laboratory experiences are included throughout the grades.

Social Studies:  The goal of this program is to develop knowledge, understanding, skills and attitudes necessary for effective citizenship in our society through History, Geography, Economics, California History, and Current Events.

Spanish: A familiarity with a language other than English is vital to the  academic, social, and personal growth of our students.  Not only does learning Spanish prepare students for the study of a World Language at the high school level, but also it establishes both a basis for success in the 21st century economy and a foundation for becoming an engaged world citizen. Converstational Spanish is practiced with K-5th grades, while a more academic approach is used at the 6th-8th grades.

Physical Education:  Physical Education provides an opportunity to learn the importance of exercise to maintain a healthy body.  In addition, the understanding of game rules and strategies are introduced and implemented throughout the grades.

Art & Music:  Music, (Theory, Voice, Rhythm), Drama, Art (docent program).  These programs encourage creative potential.

Computer Literacy:  This program teaches computer literacy and software applications to help prepare students for high school.